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Being more present & aware.

Starting with asking questions of ourselves and how we are authentically in touch while experiencing life’s moments, we set out to remove the guesswork and confusion so you can live life in harmonious balance.


A conscious adventurer of life

Like so many others, my family was affected by Cancer including my own diagnosis at the young age of 22. When genetic testing couldn’t solve the riddle of these rapidly growing cancer cells, I didn’t know where to turn to find the answers.


Following my recovery, I directed my focus on living my life with energy and vitality as I started researching people who inhabit the blue zones of the world and visited the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Believing everyday is an opportunity to pursue a life full of deep vitality, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to help others move consciously toward a life free of restrictions and balance.

With nature’s natural healing power, your conscious decisions today lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Our purpose is to help you find answers.

Our purpose is to help you find answers.

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Finding fulfillment by unlocking life’s moments.