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Our Roots

Our Roots

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Our Mission

At Simi-Tree, we see ourselves as stewards of wellness helping others on their path to achieving a more holistic and balanced being. From ancient customs and tools to modern discoveries, we are a catalyst for people to improve their lives beyond the physical.

With a focus on self-care and rebalancing, you can achieve more on this journey when science and nature are working for you.

A simple philosophy

A simple philosophy

Spending time travelling through the blue zones of the world, such as the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, we gained a deeper understanding as to how people truly live in harmony through a conscious understanding of natural and self.

Consisting mainly on a diet of a variety of plants, staying active, prioritize sleep above success, they live a purpose-filled life with a focus on spirituality, family and community.

Bring harmony back into your life.

Bring harmony back into your life.

Bring harmony back into your life.

Knowing there had to be a better way, we believe it is important to not just be alive, but to thrive – made possible through a more conscious way of living.

Through application of our global knowledge, all-natural ingredients backed with scientific research and rigor, our product formulations are designed to enhance your current rituals and fit easily into your everyday habits to help you function better from the inside out.

Rigoroursly rooted in quality practices.

Rigoroursly rooted in quality practices.

Simi-Tree is one of a kind company combining product formulation, product development and manufacturing with in-house QA Management and Production Management staff. We believe in evidence based complementary medicine and in sourcing the highest quality ingredients.

Our precise small batch production methods are governed under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure that each product meets its unique specification.

Your safety and wellbeing matters.

Your safety & wellbeing matters.

Approaching everything with passion, integrity and honesty, we only do what we believe is the right thing. Transparently all Simi-Tree ingredients go through Source, Purity, and Testing Validation Protocol to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products.

Our process involves stringent protocols including a complete review and approval by our Quality Assurance Manager of all laboratory testing for bacteria, yeast and mold, e. coli, coliform, heavy metals, and pesticide analysis which exceed USP standards.

Sourcing and ingredients

Sourcing & ingredients

At Simi-Tree, we unquestionably choose partners who hold and maintain the highest third-party certifications and are raising the bar on sourcing standards, sustainability, labor practices, and complete transparency.

We believe and support the independent research completed by our raw ingredient suppliers and stand behind their protocols for cultivation, ingredient identification and analytical testing. Nothing goes into our into products without rigorous screening and validation.

Finding fulfillment by unlocking life’s moments.